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A City Alive

Petre Melikishvili Street, Tbilisi, Georgia

Anyone who’s been following my newsletter for the past year might have the impression that Tbilisi has no people!

Beautiful churches? Check.

Wonderfully textured architecture? Certainly.

Stunning scenery? Yup.

But where is everyone?

For anyone like me who could happily spend time people watching, Tbilisi is a city like no other. Like most cities, there’s the usual day-to-day hustle and bustle, people coming and going, flowing like quickly moving streams.

Enter one of the many parks and the pace of life slows down, lazily drifting past couples on benches, children playing, dogs napping, and groups of old men engaging in animated conversation over a beer about how they would run everything if only someone would ask.

At no time does the pace of the city feel more alive than in the spring, while the weather is pleasant and winter’s isolation comes to an end.

I realized it would be a mistake for me to ignore the visual feast of people that plays out around Tbilisi and have dedicated a couple photo walks this past week to do so.

So, please pour yourself a cup of coffee and join me for more people watching on the new gallery on my website, People and Places: Tbilisi.


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