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A Walk in the Rain

a night image of blurred traffic alongside old buildings in Tbilisi
Gorgasali Street, Tbilisi, Georgia

Much like the fictional town of Lake Wobegon, halfway around the world from us, it has been a quiet week here in Tbilisi. (I won’t comment on whether our three feline residents are all above average, however!)

The past few days have been gray and cold, making it difficult to get motivated. The bursts of yellow, orange, and red blanketing the trees throughout the city have almost disappeared, leaving bare branches in their absence.

During the past few days, the daytime highs have dropped from the high 50s to the 30s, making it finally feel like fall.

I love wandering through the city with the camera, but I have to admit, I was torn yesterday.

I knew the day’s light drizzle would reflect the city’s lights, making for some lively photos, but the overcast day compelled me to stay in my comfy clothes, drink some tea, and read a book.

I’m glad I chose the first option.

As the gray sky darkened, Tbilisi’s Old Town transformed into a fantastic show of light, color and reflection. The weather kept many people indoors, so the narrow cobblestone byways snaking through the neighborhood were unusually deserted, devoid of the many tourists that populate the same places in the summer.

As I walked back to the metro, I was chilled, a little wet, but happy. I paused on the Metekhi Bridge and watched the evening traffic rush by below me, the tail lights and headlights reflecting on the wet asphalt.

I took a quick photo with my cell phone before I set up my tripod and emailed it to Corie with the expression of gratitude the two of us often repeat: We live here!

image of an elegant building reflecting in a wet street at dusk
Door # 38, Tbilisi, Georgia


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