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New Black Sea Gallery

evening cloudscape
Clouds over the Black Sea

Do you remember me saying that I was going to try to avoid the beach during our last trip to Batumi and spend my days wandering around the town with my camera?

To some extent, I did.

To a larger extent, I didn’t.

A number of years ago during a leadership retreat I attended, our consultants asked us a question along the lines of “what is your perfect day?”* My answer was straight forward: for me a perfect day is one where I have felt awe. I thought about a recent motorcycle trip I had taken to Wyoming and that moment I saw the Grand Tetons rising from the horizon.

Bikers often refer to cars as “cages.” If you’ve never traveled the highways on two wheels, it’s hard to explain how different the landscape feels without windows. Awe moments galore.

Little did I know when I mentally laid out my Batumi plans how many awe moments the Black Sea would have in store for me that week, as storms drifted across the water, creating chattering waves on the rocky beach. As dusk arrived, I was treated to a feast of colors each day as if the seascape was a living, breathing creature.

So even though I ignored my plans, I can’t say I was too sorry.

When we got back to Tbilisi, I noticed those awe moments meant I had quite a few Black Sea images from our trip last month and in June. It felt like it would be a shame to throw everything into one Georgia gallery on my website, so I created a new Black Sea gallery. I hope you enjoy it!

Boardwalk over a rocky beach, leading to the sea
Beach, Batumi, Georgia


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