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Tbilisi Close Up

Like many cultures around the world, Georgians believe the actions one takes after the start of the new year will lay the foundation for the remainder of the year.

There’s a set day in the holiday calendar here in Georgia to mark the start of the new year with joy, doing something you enjoy. It’s January 2 and called Bedoba.

It seemed like a fitting day to combine something different with something I love doing. So I ventured out to one of my favorite neighborhoods full of turn-of-the-century architecture and wandered along the streets, enjoying the absence of the usual day-to-day commotion.

The least-often used lens in my camera bag is one designed for close-up photography. I bought it several years ago when I needed to photograph some artwork. I decided it needed a good workout.

I’ve often said the world is full of art if you know where to look for it. Sometimes one must stop and look closely to discover it, but the rewards are just as satisfying as appreciating a grand vista.

I’m looking forward to another year of creativity and joy, and I hope 2023 brings you the same in abundance!


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